• Caitlin Knox

Marketing Dollars & Community Engagement

To me, these two things are inherently related. As a small business owner, you have a choice in how you spend your marketing dollars. For us, the decision is simple. We give it back to our community, in very real ways. We very well could dump thousands into SEO optimization or paid google ads- any of that stuff. What we choose to do instead, is find opportunities where our community could directly benefit from that money. For example, we recently helped the Rotary club with a fundraising effort that required the use of our labor and equipment for 2 days. We did this free of charge, because we know the Rotary club will spend that money raised for the good of our neighbors, our kids' teachers, or even the city as a whole. The organic dissemination of our name through efforts like these is much more valuable to us than being the first hit when someone searches 'landscaping near me'. We might not get the volume of business another company attracts from doing "actual" marketing, and we're just fine with that.

In a world filled with complacency, and passive acceptance- we are proud to do SOMEthing, anything...to make our community a better one.

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