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  • Niki Knox


Such pesky plants!

What actions are you taking to prevent the big BOOM of weeds we all know will inevitably happen after these Monsoons?! 

Don't have the slightest clue?? 

Guess what?! I can help with that! 

Weed prevention can be pretty easy if you take the proper steps. Nobody wants to go spend hours outside plucking each weed that pops up randomly throughout the yard. I know that I, sure as heck do not! 

I am also a pet owner and gardener, so I mustn't use harmful chemicals around our pets or vegetable garden.

Here are a few ways to kill those weeds, naturally:

  1. Vinegar! - This magical kitchen necessity works wonders on killing unwanted weeds. Vinegar is naturally acidic. The acidity levels are what help kill the weeds. A 1:1 vinegar: water ratio is perfect for in-between pavers, sidewalks, and driveways.

  1. Cornmeal gluten - Corn meal gluten acts as a pre-emergent and prevents weeds from germinating. It's also an additional source of nitrogen, acting as a fertilizer. The best part? It's safe to use near animals. 

  1. Boiling water & Salt - Be careful not to burn yourself! This simple weed killer burns the weed down to the root and causes it to die. Sprinkle with some salt afterward to make sure that the root systems are done-zo! 

  1. Last but not least (also my favorite) is Clove & Peppermint oils - This trick is multipurpose because it not only kills unwanted weeds, it also repels pesky bugs and smells fantastic too. I recommend mixing these oils with vinegar and water solution for an extra boost. But be careful applying this mixture, as it will kill all greenery in its path. 

Now, go and get a head start on those weeds!  TTFN Your socially awkward friend,



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